Welly jelly review 2022

CBD consumption is becoming more popular in the modern world as many claims arise regarding the therapeutic potential of CBD. As such, many brands now deal in CBD products, and Welly Jelly is one of them. The brand uses the CO2 extraction method to strip CBD from the hemp surfaces and deals in full-spectrum products. It has a narrow product line comprising CBD oils and edibles. This is our full 2022 review of Welly Jelly, showing its pros and cons and other critical information about the brand.

About the Company

Welly Jelly is a CBD brand with a narrow product inventory comprising CBD essential oils and gourmet jelly beans. It is located in Colorado, but the website says nothing about when the brand was founded, who runs it, and who makes up the team. As such, much is not about Welly Jelly, not even its hemp sources or whether the plants are non-GMO. However, the tinctures bear a USDA certification mark, showing the brand is USDA-certified for organic practices.

The brand’s website is well designed, as has the Our Story section that reveals Welly Jelly has a history that dates back to 1971 when David Klein, a candy maker, marketed Jelly Belly candies for the first time. Still, we could not see the connection between David Klein’s jellies and Welly Jelly. The other sections on the site include FAQ, Shop, CoA, Privacy Policy, and Shipping & Returns, most of which are relatively detailed. Welly Jelly only sells tinctures and gummies in full-spectrum formulations.


The following specs are true to Welly Jelly;

  • The company does not accept returns and exchanges
  • A 30-day guarantee exists but only applies to packaging or content issues
  • There are no military veteran discounts
  • Free shipping offered for orders worth $75 and above
  • Shipping limited to the USA and not international
  • Extract consumption methods include gummies and tinctures
  • The clean CO2 extraction method used to strip CBD from hemp surfaces
  • Edible products guarantee tastes
  • USDA-certified CBD tinctures
  • The total CBD concentrations range between 100 and 1000 mg
  • CBD products cost $14.99 to $110.99
  • Extracts available in full-spectrum formulations
  • The average price point is $0.09- $0.15 per mg CBD
  • All products have less than 0.3% THC

Hemp Quality

Hemp quality is a critical factor in the CBD space because it determines the quality of the resultant CBD products. Yet, depending on the quality of the products, a brand loses or holds on to its clients. As such, reputable CBD companies that are after succeeding in the CBD arena source high-quality hemp to produce fine and pure products, ultimately winning an even larger loyal customer base. We researched through Welly Jelly’s official website but could not tell where it sources its hemp. We are thus unsure where it has its own hemp farms or partners with other farmers. Nonetheless, the FAQ link shows the brand uses the clean and safe CO2 extraction method to strip CBD from the hemp surfaces, resulting in full-spectrum formulated CBD products. The method is deemed safe in the CBD space and is quite efficient.

Buying Experience

The buying experience at Welly Jelly is interesting. The website is easily navigable and professionally designed, giving one an easy time shopping. All you have to do is click the Shop button, and you can view what the company offers, including Sugar-Free, Sour, and Regular Welly Jelly Candies, Welly Jelly Ful-Spectrum Essential CBD drops (oils), and the brand’s CBD gummy tins. Shopping is entirely about selecting the item of interest, adding it to the cart, checking out, and filling in your billing and physical location details. Welly Jelly offers free shipping when the orders are worth $75 and above. It is noteworthy that the brand only ships items to the USA and not any other country. Moreover, it has a 30-day guarantee that only looks at packaging and content issues but does not offer returns and exchanges to dissatisfied clients.


Transparency is key in every industry, especially where consumable or ingestible products are involved. In the CBD arena, CBD brands are required to conduct independent 3rd party tests as a sign of being transparent since the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not control the CBD industry. As such, reputable brands that mean to succeed uphold this requirement and consult scientific labs to run tests through their products. Such tests should examine the CBD products for purity and potency. Welly Jelly only partially upholds these standards since it tests CBD products for CBD and THC potency and posts the results online under the CoA section at the bottom of the website. However, it does not conduct purity tests for its products by testing for standard contaminants, including heavy metals, microbials, mold, mycotoxins, residues, and solvents.


CBD brands are required not only to conduct 3rd party tests but also to upload the results online on their official websites to allow web visitors and clients to view the results and compare potency variances. The test results show the 10 mg sour gummy had 12.5 mg as opposed to the 10 mg indicated on the labels. This results in a 2.5 mg deviation, translating to a 25% CBD variance higher than the 10% acceptable limit. Nonetheless, this is the highest variance posed because most products had lower variances, with some even falling below the 10% acceptable variance limit.

Manufacturing Process

Welly Jelly does not indicate where it sources its hemp on its website, and even after reaching out to the customer care desk to inquire about this, we did not get any response. However, some sources hint the brand sources its hemp from Colorado farms, but we could not confirm this since Welly Jelly does not schedule farm visits. We hope to get this information soon and even be able to visit the farms to speak with assertion. Still, the brand’s full-spectrum essential oils have a USDA mark, indicating they are made from USDA-certified organic hemp-sourced CBD.

When the hemp plants mature, they are harvested, but again, Welly Jelly’s website does not reveal the harvest method it uses. The hemp is then taken to the manufacturing facilities, whose GMP position (certified or not certified) we could not tell. Once there, the safe and clean CO2 extraction method is used to strip off CBD from the hemp surfaces, resulting in full-spectrum CBD extracts. The CO2 extraction method is regarded safe and efficient in the CBD arena because it pulls out all the needed cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and a certain percentage of THC but does not allow the infiltration of solvents. Most brands further formulate their extracts at this stage with other ingredients, and Welly Jelly is no exception. It uses natural ingredients, including pectin and sugar to coat its products at this stage. It is at this step the extracts are made in the full-spectrum essential CBD oils and candies the brand offers.

The next process is 3rd party testing, which are quality and control regulations that examine the CBD product’s purity and potency. Welly jelly does not conduct purity tests, but it tests the candies and full-spectrum oils for CBD and THC potencies and posts the lab results online on the CoA section of the website, found on the extreme bottom. At this point, the products are ready for sales, and the brand only awaits orders.

Range of Products

Welly Jelly does not have a wide assortment of products, but it basically offers gummies (gourmet jelly beans) and CBD-infused full-spectrum oils. Here are the details you need to know about these products;

Welly Jelly Full-Spectrum Essential CBD Oils

Welly Jelly has a tincture line with full-spectrum CBD oils. They come in 30 ml bottles with 500 or 1000 mg CBD, resulting in 16.67 or 33.33 mg/ml potencies. Besides, the 500 mg and the 1000 mg oils cost $59.99 and $89.99, respectively, translating to a $0.08- $0.12 per mg CBD price points. Each of the two concentrations come in two options, including mint and tiramisu. All 4 options cost $59.99 or $89.99, depending on the volumes. Every serving of the oils is 16 mg CBD.

Welly Jelly CBD Gummies/ Gourmet Jelly Beans

Welly Jelly has an edible line that offers CBD-infused gourmet beans or gummies. These contain pectin, making them vegan-friendly, just like the full-spectrum essential oils. They are sweetened with sugar and come in three assortments; regular, sugar-free, and sour. Each gummy delivers 10 mg full-spectrum CBD and comes in a 10- or 30-count pack with 100 mg or 300 mg CBD, respectively. Like the oils, the CBD gourmet jelly beans are made from CO2 extracted CBD.

Welly Jelly Tins

Welly Jelly Tins are pocket-size tins with assorted CBD-infused jelly beans. Each gummy has 10 mg of full-spectrum CBD, and one can choose the 15-, 60-, or 90- count tins. Such contain 150, 600, and 900 mg CBD, respectively, and are ideal when taking walks. The tins cost $14.99 to $110.99, revealing a 0.1 to $0.12 per mg CBD price point.

Welly Jelly Bundles

The brand offers bundled deals that help clients save as much as $33. There are several bundles in place containing the tinctures and tins or gummy packs. When you select the bundles, you get to see the available ranges and choose your ideal one.

Welly Jelly Go Pack

This is another pocket-size option by Welly Jelly. It offers 30 mg total CBD since it has 3 gummies, each delivering 10 mg CBD. The go pack costs $4.99, revealing a price point of $0.17 per mg CBD.

What We Like About the Company

We appreciated the following about Welly Jelly;

  • The clean CO2 extraction method ensures no solvents are left in the CBD products
  • Edible products offered by the brand guarantee tastes
  • The bundled options on the Shop section allows clients to save a few bucks
  • The FAQ section is fairly detailed
  • USDA certification for organic practices ensures no solvents or chemicals get into the final products
  • Welly Jelly conducts potency tests
  • The brand’s average price points are well within the market range

What We Do Not Like About the Company

The following are kinks noticed about Welly Jelly;

  • The $75 free shipping threshold is relatively high
  • The site does not reveal a lot about the brand, including its founders
  • Some products posed higher CBD variances than the acceptable limit
  • The 30-day guarantee only applies to packaging issues
  • The brand does not offer military discounts or product returns & exchanges
  • The brand has a narrow inventory comprising tinctures and edibles
  • The products only feature full-spectrum formulations, and no isolates or THC-free options

Our Verdict

Welly Jelly is a CBD brand that deals in full-spectrum gummies and oils. Although its average price points are well within the market range and edible products guarantee tastes, the brand needs improvement. The CBD variances were higher than the acceptable limit, and the company does not conduct purity tests. Moreover, it does not have a money-back guarantee, and the few products it offers only feature full-spectrum formulations. The site also lacks a lot of information, including the founding of the brand and hemp sources. For the company to excel, it must straighten these kinks.


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