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Atomo by Gille

The Atomo is an elegant mechanical APV made by 12 components.

The two cups and the contact components are made in naval brass, the body is in stainless steel and the insulating parts are in derlyn The fire switch is made safe by the positioning inside the bottom cup, which prevents unintentional firing in the standing position and the switch throw is a mere 0.5 mm for a smooth and simple firing mechanism. The magnetic switch takes advantage of the strength of neodymium magnets, resulting in a very soft, but responsive action. The Atomo comes with an adjustable pin with an excursion of about 3 mm in order to ensure compatibility with almost all batteries; flat top batteries can be used without magnets. Safety is guaranteed by three vent holes evenly spaced, positioned at 120 ° level with the positive pin of the battery, which is the critical area in the event of malfunction or short circuit.
We Strongly recommend that you use only IMR batteries.
Atomo can be used with The Kick by Evolv. 
The Atomos is available in 18350 and 18500 mode.  Extention tubes for 18650 compatability are also available.
  • Diameter: 22 mm
  • Length (with 18350 tube): 65.5 mm - Weight: 84 gr. 
  • Length (with 18500 tube): 82 mm - Weight: 92 gr.

****Available by Phone Order****


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